One size does not fit all - Customized bill of materials software

At ROBO Design Solutions we have been developing bill of material software now for a few years. After considerable contact with clients, we are finding that customers needs are very different though the different ways of working.

Though it is possible to pile on a lot of extra features to meet every possible customers' needs, this doesn't seem to be the answer. This can over complicate things, can frustrate an experienced user with unnecessary features getting in the way. With a more complicated system this can put customers off, increase the learning curve and cause a reluctance for users to use the software.

So at ROBO Design Solutions we're prepared to do something about this.

We would like to take what we have, find out what your requirements are, and work with you to achieve a fully functioning bill of material program. Also we would like to remove all the surplus parts of the software for you which could confuse things.

We can create a customized program for you either as a Windows based program or an online program using PHP, MySql and Javascript

Some of the considerations you may consider are:

  • Do you use single level or multi level bill of materials?
  • Do you want users to have restricted access to certain functions?
  • Do you have special requirements for viewing product images?

Other factor are you may want to include some or all of the list below:

  • Inventory search
  • Bill of materials - multi level
  • Bill of materials - single level
  • Bill of materials - top level
  • Purchase orders
  • Works orders
  • Quotes
  • Customer orders
  • Accounts
  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Where parts used
  • Allocated shortages
  • Orphaned parts
  • Stock below minimum level
  • Statistics